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Amazon Being Shady With The Reviews



Sharing an experience with my author friends as well as readers. I had a reader that posted a review on Amazon and it never showed. Nor did she receive a confirmation email from Amazon stating that it had been posted. The only reason I knew about it was because she told me she posted it. I told her it wasn’t showing yet. I also informed her that Amazon has been slow about posting reviews, sometimes taking over a week for them to fully show. As well as removing reviews if they think you know the person. She told me that she didn’t received an email from them about them removing it.

Fast forward a few days later and it still hadn’t shown, she decides to give customer service a call. While she was on the phone with them her confirmation email miraculously shows up. They informed her that the review would be showing on HER personal Amazon page shorty after, however as far as it showing on the front end, they didn’t know where it was posted and they were working to correct the issue.
My question is, if it wasn’t showing on my book, was it on someone elses? Was it just floating in cyber space? I say all of this to bring awareness to the fact that had she not been curious enough to investigate, because, and I quote her exactly “I want to give credit where it’s due.” I would have been none the wiser. It makes you wonder how many reviews we have lost in the wash. I encourage you to ask your readers to double check to see if their review has shown to avoid this happening in the future.

Readers, please check to see if a confirmation email was sent. otherwise your review may not have posted.

Have a great night ~ Midnite Love

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