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Blood Is Thinner Than Loyalty

Who are you loyal to? What would you do for the love of your brother? Would you lie for him? Die for him? Keep a secret for him? Eli Butler was your average kid growing up in the hood. He was a smart, loving child that any mother would be proud of. His best trait and biggest weakness, his fierce loyalty to his family. The innocence of childhood quickly fades as he’s faced with protecting his mother from his abusive stepfather. When his mother falls ill and is unable to work the family’s situation turns from bad to worse, forcing Eli to take measures into his own hands to keep them afloat. His hopes are to keep his brothers from having to make the same mistakes as him. His younger brother, Marc has always looked up to Eli. As he gets older, he becomes frustrated living in Eli’s shadow and wants to make a name for himself. His actions threaten to rip the family apart at the seams. Step into this gripping drama of one family’s struggle to rise against the pits of poverty. Who will give in to lies and deception and who will remain loyal? Grab your copy!


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