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Drake Pays Instagram Comedian Shiggy 250k For Creating Challenge

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock you most likely have seen the swarm of videos on social media with everyone doing the “in my feelings” challenge. In case you have no clue to what I’m talking about. It’s the videos with people jumping out of sometimes moving cars and breaking it down to Drake’s In My Feelings, precisely “KeKe do you love me?”


The video that started it all originally dubbed #dotheshiggy


Shiggy, the creator of the challenge just secured the bag. Drake gave the Instagram sensation a cool $250k after the song went number one on the charts thanks the viral videos sparked by the challenge. Drake was quoted saying “Oh my goodness. Man got me a No. 1 record today. Oh my God!”

The video sparked a challenge that took the nation by storm


For as many that were killing the challenge, there were just as many fails

Drake has also stated that he was taking the creator of the Shiggy Show on tour with him. All from the comedian just “dancing his own way” as he put it. That’s one hell of a payday!

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