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50 Cent Vs Floyd Mayweather

It’s no secret these two have had an on again off again bromance. 50 is fresh off of a beef with Papoose over a comment he made on one of Remy Ma’s Instagram photos. Today the gloves were off between these two.

It all started when 50 commented on one of Floyd’s ex boo thang’s photos.

The fact that he called her a hoe pissed her off. Of course 50 clapped back.

Floyd didn’t like 50 name dropping him and the mud slinging began.

Herpes? Say what nah? Chile…….

50 came back in his true petty fashion.

We watching this play out like a 10 round boxing match. Oddly, 50 didn’t address the allegations tho.

Then Floyd came back at him with a body blow.

50’s son posted this in response to what Floyd said about his daddy.

50’s baby momma even slid on her petty boots and posted this in response to Floyd.

This is double funny when you think about the fact that Usher allegedly has herpes.

Meanwhile I’m like.

Someone pointed out the posts to 50 and this was his response.

So far 50 has had the last word. We will update this post if there is any word from Floyd.

Edited: 50 has responded with more pettiness.

He said this is what Floyd wrote before he got his ghost writer


At this point many fans thought they both had gone too far and the beef was getting old. Little did they know this was only the beginning. Some thought 50s comeback was lame.

50 then he came after his baby momma for her post.

Stay tuned for updates!


Looks like they are still at it. After Floyd read 50 for fifth 50 shared this alleging that he is responsible for his friend’s death.



Floyd fired back comparing 50’s net worth to one of his wrist watches.

And to a rat

That still didn’t know the wind out of 50. He posted the police report from Floyd’s domestic violent dispute.

He compared him to the character Stan Shaw from Harlem Nights.


And the final blow…. he pull Diddy into it.

So far no response from Diddy or Floyd. Stay tuned!

Photo credit: The Shade Room

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