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Roaches Jittin In Popeye’s On Detroit’s East Side

When your five dollar box comes with a side of roaches. A disgruntled Popeye’s employee went on a rant on Facebook live on Monday when she was told to ignore the massive filth and roach infestation in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Shakita Shemere had been working at Popeye’s on 7 mile and Gratiot on Detroit’s East side for the past three weeks. She immediately began voicing her concerns over the deplorable conditions which included filthy floors, dirty dishes, flies and roaches in the ice.

The nonchalant attitude from management prompted her rant. Shakita says the final straw was when she was told to just step on the roaches when she saw them and don’t scream. Shakita say’s she was like.

That’s when she took to Facebook live to share to put the restaurant on blast. (see video below)


Patron’s of the restaurant along with the Detroit health department were shook after seeing the footage. from the viral video. The health department has shut the restaurant down for further investigation. They have also issue a statement.

The Detroit Health Department’s Food Safety Team is currently on site and investigating the Popeye’s location at 14180 Gratiot. The location is temporarily closed and the Popeye’s management is cooperating with the Health Department and following all cleaning protocols.

The Detroit Health Department will continue to work with the Popeye’s location and it will work to make the sure the restaurant is in compliance prior to reopening.

Popeye’s corporate office has also issued a statement.

 “Food safety and quality is always a top priority for the Popeye’s brand. The Franchisee    who owns and operates this location has worked with local health officials and is taking the appropriate measures to ensure that the restaurant is thoroughly sanitized.”

A spokes person for the restaurant says it will remain closed pending final word from the owner.

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